Weekly Highlights. #6

14 Dec 2013

Yummy Sausage and Mash made by me, My friend Joe and his super cute dog Milly, Christmas Jumper day!, Wholefoods trolley, Christmas at Kew Gardens display, Advent calender from my boyfriends Grandma, Lunch at Cha Cha Moon with the boy, Super weird Salted Lemon Sprite - yuk!, Christmas Tree, Craig crafting!, Super cosy Primark leggings. 
This week was full of hearty food, Christmas decorations and cosy nights in. Christmas panic has officially set in. Making all my presents seemed like such a great idea, but now I'm just stressed that I won't have enough time! Ahh! Maybe I'll have a Christmas miracle?? Fingers crossed anyway!

My three highlights of this week are:

1. Putting up the Christmas tree!! I love making the house look festive, it makes me feel so cosy! My job is always to decorate the tree, which means I get to put all my favourite baubles at the front! ;) I can't wait to start putting presents under the tree now, its looking a little bare at the moment!

2. Can a highlight be wooly christmas leggings?? I am aware quite how pathetic that sounds, but seriously. Get yourself down to Primark and buy a pair of their christmassy pj leggings and you'll understand my love. They are the cosiest, comfiest things ever and if I could leave the house in them without fear of public ridicule I totally would!! haha :) 

3. Finally, another odd one! But shopping in Whole Foods with my boyfriend! We decided to buy a super yummy dinner and obviously went to Wholefoods. We literally love it there, and walk around pretending we're back in New York...haha. We bought super tasty pies, brocolli and potato to make mash and a bottle of red. Ahh yeah. :) 

So that's my week! How's your been?


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