Review | Illamasqua Mottle Polish

22 Apr 2013

Oh my. Just oh my. This little beauty has been on my wishlist for so long, so I was superrr excited to unwrap it for my birthday. My lovely best friend Amy bought it for me, so special love to her :) Like NARS in my post last week, the polish popped my Illamasqua cherry so its been an exciting high-end week for me! :)

The polish comes from their I'mperfection collection, that I'm sure you all know about by now. I really love the idea of this collection, and although some of the products are really daring I'd love to try some of their blushes. Definitely on my wishlist next I think :) The polishes really stood out to me from the moment I saw the collection, mainly because they remind me so much of mini-eggs!! So if you're feeling withdrawal symptoms from the Easter chocolate season ending, this might be just the thing to curb your appetite. Okay, I'm lying to myself here, nothing beats mini-eggs - but this is a seriously pretty looking polish. :)

Green being my favourite colour, Mottle was the perfect shade for me. I love how fresh and springy it looks, perfect now that the sun is finally making an appearance in the UK. :) When I first applied the polish, the first coat seemed so sheer I was worried it wasn't going to look right, but after a second coat and a clear top coat it looked opaque, smooth and shiny.

The little speckled flecks of 'imperfection' really add a cute touch to the polish, and aren't chunky at all leaving your nails feeling smooth. I'd just like to add here, please excuse the really bad picture of the polish on my nails I was having one of those bad photography days, I'm pretty sure I took about 20 pictures and I still wasn't happy! This was the best of the bunch though, so I hope its not too bad!

As far as wear and tear goes, the polish stayed chip free for a good 3-4 days. Not the best polish for longevity, but definitely not the worst. I thought maybe the flecks have something to do with it?

However, I do have one tiny  bug bear. You may have been wondering why I took a picture of the polish half removed. Well, its because its sooooo bloody hard to remove the speckles!! They are seriously strong, and do not want to leave your nails at any cost! So, just a word of warning, set aside a little extra time just to remove the flecks! haha

Other than that minor annoyance, I'm loving having mini-egg nails and reallyyy want to try the other shades! Especially Freckle :) Let me know if you've tried the polishes and whether you had the same issue removing the flecks!



  1. I love the look of these polishes, they just look so lovely, I always use the tin foil method to get any kind of glitter or textured polish off, it works a treat on all of the ones I've used.
    Rosalie x

  2. I love these too, but have the same problem when removing it! x

  3. So cute! I have wanted to try this!
    It's so annoying when nail varnish doesn't come off :/

    Nat xx