Afternoon Tea at The Ritz!

26 Apr 2013

For my birthday last week, my sister gave me the ultimate surprise day! Afternoon Tea at The Ritz!!! I was beyond excited, and when I finally found out where we going I exclaimed so loudly in the street that I think a passing girl may have lost a few lives. Oops.

We were booked into the 11:30 session and had a blissful hour and a half to eat and drink to our hearts content. Walking up the steps and through the revolving doors, I suddenly felt really nervous. Like they were going to figure out that I was actually just a commoner and would condemn me to the streets. But, I have to say everyone was really lovely and made me feel completely at ease. We were shown to our table in The Palm Court, which was beautifully decorated. The court was already quite full when we arrived and was soon completely filled. It was a lovely atmosphere, with resident pianist Ian Gomes playing delightful tunes on the piano.

We were first asked what tea we’d like to drink, I chose Earl Grey and my sister Katie chose Jasmine. The Silver tea pots were ginormous! We were practically swimming with tea by the time we left, and it really was the nicest Earl Grey I’ve ever had. I’m not sure anything else will compare now. Also, check out the swanky tea strainer!! Really want one of those now. Our cake stand was then filled with an amazing array of goodies. About 12 perfectly sized finger sandwiches, with amazing fillings (best salmon I’ve ever had!) and a selection of cakes. We had two Millefeuille’s (which I’ve wanted to try forever and were incredible), an amazing chocolate cake/slice/pastry/goodness and a macaroon topped with an amazing cream. The middle plate of our cake stand was empty, and we were informed that it would be filled with warm scones. Oh my.

I feel like the first half an hour of our time there consisted of us stuffing our faces, but the food really was incredible. By the time our scones were brought out (two plain, two sultana) I was so full but still couldn’t stop eating! There was an amazing strawberry jam and clotted cream to go with the scones – they really melted in the mouth.

I have to say also, The Ritz are definitely not stingy! They refill the sandwiches the entire time you’re there – seriously a winner!

Finally, after we felt it couldn’t get any better. A trolley came around with ‘pudding’. So we were having pudding, for our pudding. Why have I not done this before?! Pudding Pudding consisted of an amazing banana, passion fruit and coffee crème pot topped with chocolatey crunchy biscuity bits. We were also given a choice of either a slice of lemon or blackforest cake. I chose the lemon and it was divine!

It literally was such a wonderful experience – food aside, the atmosphere is great and its definitely fun to pretend to be posh for the day! As we left we popped in to the toilets to check them out, and we were given an individual hand towel to dry our hands! It was rather lovely! Haha Obviously taking pictures inside had to be done discretely - no getting out my Nikon sadly! But, I hope you like the snaps I took on my iPhone J

After this, we needed to walk off the excessive amount of food we’d eaten, so we had a lovely mooch inside Kensington Palace and gardens. We then wandered through the entire Kensington area, choosing all our future houses ;) Finally our last stop of the day was the Hummingbird Bakery – because we clearly hadn’t eaten enough cake. We sat outside as it was still such a gorgeous day and it was scrummy!

If you ever get the chance to go to The Ritz or are thinking of an extravagant place to go as a present, I’d seriously recommend checking out The Ritz. It was such a lovely day, so thank you Katie!! J Here’s the website to have a look;,default-en.html


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  1. What a lovely post! I'm glad you had a nice time, I would love to have afternoon tea at the ritz :)