Flashback Friday Vol #2: Class of 2012.

12 Apr 2013

The Family, Some Friends and The Boy <3
University is one of those places that you've either always dreamed of going to or couldn't think of anything worse. In my mind, University was always going to be a part of my academic life. I went to Bangor University in North Wales, 283 miles away from my London home and had the best three years of my life.

I'm not going to go into detail about my University experience (as I'm saving that for another Flashback Friday post) but on the 18th July 2012 I graduated with a BA Music (hons). To people who haven't been to University, donning a cap and gown for a day may not seem like a big deal - but in the midst of stressful dissertation writing it was quite literally the only thing that got me through. Okay, apart from copious amounts of chocolate. And cake. And ice cream. Ahem..

A lot of people say that Graduation is over-priced for what is essentially a handshake and a well done. But, to me its so much more than that! Its recognition with all your fellow students, that you made it through! All those all-nighters where you were killing yourself for not starting sooner, the mad runs down university halls to give in essays minutes before the deadline and living off super noodles - were all worth it! Because you now officially have letters after your name and you can throw your cap in the air and say AYYYO. (Please tell me you got that!)

Being at a Welsh University, my ceremony was a little different to most, with half of the ceremony spoken in the welsh language. Very confusing for all the non-welsh families sitting in the room, but pretty commonplace for us students! I must say - for anyone contemplating going to a University in Wales, don't let the bi-lingual side put you off! Its fun to learn a little welsh while you're there, and you feel like you're experiencing a different culture - even if it is just a long train ride away!

Essentially, I loved my graduation. I got to spend it with everyone I loved - my family, friends and boyfriend. There was also a lot of yummy food involved, and because my University looks a bit like Hogwarts I felt like a wizard with my gown on. Gryffindor House to be exact, as my University colours are red and gold. Winning I know. :)

Let me know if you've graduated and what your take on it was! It'd be really interesting to see :)

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  1. Aww well done on getting through and graduating :D
    My boyfriend never went to his graduation and I'm pretty sure deep down he's kicking himself...