If I had all the money in the world...

4 Dec 2012

So last week was a pretty busy one; seeing Our Boys the play (which was awesome!), meeting up with an old uni friend, shopping with my sister, seeing Ben Howard (for free! WIN) at Brixton Academy (which was AMAZING), more Christmas shopping and going to work! Therefore, although I have loads of beauty review blog posts lined up, I'm still yet to take the pictures! Finding time to take pictures in natural light is actually proving quite an issue with me recently! But, regardless of all this, I still really wanted to blog!

So, I thought I'd share with you all my 'Christmas Wishlist if I had ALL the monies in the world'. Catchy huh? ;)

1. Macbook Pro - My current laptop is a Dell Studio, which I've had ever since I started Uni in 2009. Its battered, has icing stuck in the speaker, a cracked case from when it fell off a piano and continuously keeps disabling my internet usage for its own 'protection' which takes me days to fix. Essentially I'm in dire need of a new laptop, and what I would literally love is a Macbook Pro. I'm saving up for one, but I feel its gonna be a lengthy process. :(

2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir - I've read millions of reviews on this product, and I reallyy want to try it out! I know its not particularly pricey, so it doesn't really fit with the theme! But, I've wanted it for ages and just never seem to get around to buying it! So I popped it on the list :)

3. Topshop Leather Biker Jacket by Boutique - I already have a general leather jacket, which I love! But there are some outfits that I think a biker style leather jacket really suits, and ever since I saw this Topshop Boutique jacket I've been in love. I think its such a wardrobe staple, and one day it will be mine.

4. La Sardinia Copernicus Camera + Flash - I've been really into Lomography and film cameras for the past couple of years and I have the Fisheye No.2 which I seriously love! But, if I had the money I'd definitely branch out and try more cameras! Specifically the La Sardinia cameras as they  take pictures with a 89 degree field of view! Which must make for some amazing photos :)

5. Biba Ruby Zip Purse - Ever since Biba came back around a couple of years ago, I've been interested in the brand! I always find loads of items that I love, but sadly the price tag is just way out of my league! So instead I lust over the lovely clothes and accessories from afar. This purse is a favourite, as I just love how simplistic yet elegant it is! And the green colour is gorgeous!

6. YSL Shocking Volume Mascara - I really really really really want to try this! But, just always revert to cheaper favourites! One day soon, I will take the plunge as I've heard it really is 'shocking'..hah.

7.Topshop Fur Collar Pleat Skirted Coat - I don't particularly need a new winter coat, but needs are very different from wants as I'm sure we'll all agree ;). So, I saw this beaut coat the other day in Topshop and I fell in love! I can literally imagine all my outfits with it, and it would just be perfect for smartening up my winter look! But alas at a £95 price tag, I can't afford it right now :( I have it bookmarked for when it goes into the sale though ;)

8. iPhone 5 - At the moment I have a Blackberry Torch which although I loved when I got it, that's coming up to 2 years ago now and the phone is definitely worse for wear. It freezes randomly, the battery drains in ridiculous time and a lot of the time the internet just won't work. Its beyond annoying, and I'm counting down the days until I can get early upgrade in February. So a new phone is top of my priorities! I'm about 85% set on the iPhone 5, but I'm still looking! I also mainly just want a phone that can use cool apps..specifically instagram, which I feel completely left out of!

9. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish -  This is hailed by so many beauty bloggers/vloggers as their number one favourite beauty product! So obviously, I'm intrigued! I am yet to find a time when I think splashing out on it is acceptable, but I'm very keen to give it a try!

10. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer - I cannot remember a time when I wasn't lusting over this beauty, In my dream kitchen, this stand mixer is a prominent feature! But alas, that only exists in my mind! As a massive baking fan, this would be amazing and the fact that the mixers come in a range of pretty colours makes it all the more exciting for me! Shame about the hefty price tag though :(

11. YSL Glossy Stain in Fushia - Or to give it its official name; Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres - but thats abit of a mouthful wouldn't you agree? After reading Fleur De Force's review on the gloss here I have to say I begun a little love affair with it! It just literally looks awesome, and one day I will purchase it and I don't doubt it'll be amazing. :)

So that's my wish list if I had lots of monies! What items do you continuously lust over? :)



  1. We can only wish sometimes, hey? ;) I really want to try the Liz Earle but unfortunately it's not available where I live. The YSL mascara has such luxe packaging and I've heard good reviews about it :)

    1. Haha, as ever! :) Oh no! Thats sad! :( Yeah, I haven't had one bad review about the YSL mascara! I'm definitely going to buy it soon :) X

  2. As with you, I lust over any product made by apple, their design is just so sleek and sophisticated... xx

    1. Completely! The design is simplistic, but like you said so sophisticated :) X

  3. Great post :) Really love the Biba purse such a gorgeous colour! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, keep in touch!


    Amy xx

    1. Thanks! :) Thats okay, I really enjoyed your blog! :)