Review | Essie "Dive Bar"

7 Dec 2012

Surprisingly to some, this is actually my first ever Essie purchase! I was looking around Boots the other day for a new polish, and after hearing soo many reviews on Essie, I thought I may aswell give it a go! It is abit on the pricier side for a nail polish, which is probably whats stopped me from ever buying one before! But, now after using it for about two weeks I can completely understand the higher price tag!

I wasn't really looking for any particular colour, but as its nearly Christmas (YAY!) I was mostly being drawn to the darker colours! And then I noticed Dive Bar and the shimmeryness (thats definitely a word..!) sold me completely! Its actually described as being a mysterious black-blue with shimmer. But, I think it looks more green and purple when its on my nails! Although, in certain lights it can look very black! I think thats why I liked it so much though, as it constantly looks so interesting!

The actual texture of the polish was amazing! It went on so easily and smoothly! I put on two coats, and then a top coat of the Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar 45 Second Top Coat which I got in the November Glossybox. Both pair together really well and give my nails such a smooth shiny finish!

I've been able to go for about 5 days without any chips, which for me is astounding! I'm usually trying to hide my chipped and rubbish looking nails! So this has all been very exciting for me! :) Although this was a splurge I am really glad I went for it! And next time I buy nail polish I'll definitely be going back to the Essie stand :)

I'm off to see the Silver Linings Playbook with my mum tonight! I've heard such good things about it! Have any of you seen it yet? :)



  1. I too have never bought an Essie polish but have wanted to for aaaages!!
    Think I might have to cave in and buy...

    1. Deffo do it! Its totally my new favourite polish brand :) Xx