Baking Snapshots.

12 Dec 2012

Hi Guys,

I haven't written a baking post for a while, mainly because I've been too busy to do any baking and also due to a major lack of funds! :( But despite this I still really wanted to write a baking related post! So, I decided to share with you some of my more 'extravagant' bakes! Some successes, some...not so much.

Making Birthday cakes for friends and family has become something I really enjoy doing and is almost a self-challenge to 'top' myself every time. I'll let you decide whether or not I've been successful! :)

This was one of the first themed birthday cakes I made for one of my best friends/Uni housemate Joe. He loves Fixed Gear bikes and cycling, so thinking of the theme was a given! I'm proud of the actual grassy effect and the track, but as this was a first attempt I had pretty much no idea how to make the bike and figurine so as you can see, they're pretty damn rubbish! But for a first attempt? I'm still quite proud! :)

This was a cake that begun its life with me being immensely proud of it! I then had to transport it on a 4 hour train journey, then navigate the London Underground and then finally a short car journey until I arrived home to give it to my sister Katie for her 24th Birthday. (Who incidentally has just begun her own baking blog, so definitely check that out for more baking goodness here! :)! The cake is an exact replica of her car with a matching number plate and everything! :) It was murder to create and transport and suffered alot en-route but I'm still proud. :)

The mountain cake was made for another best friend who I used to live with at Uni. Allie is veryy outdoorsy and is constantly up mountains, so this cake was a homage to her outdoor pursuits! The grey 'stone' block at the top is meant to be a cairn and the brown strips are meant to be the path that the little 'Allie figurine' has trudged up! You can't see it from the picture, but she even has her own little backpack! I was pretty proud of the model :)

These muffins are probably the best themed cakes I've ever made! They were made on one veryyy hungover day, where I genuinely thought I might die! Despite this they were SO much fun to make, albeit extremely time consuming! I made them for my boyfriend Craig for his 21st Birthday, as he is quite the Apple addict! All the 'apps' are in the same order as he had on his phone at the time which made it quite personal :) I have no idea how I'm going to top this for his birthday next year though! Suggestions anyone?! ;) On the subject of the boyf, Craig has just begun his own blog about life, theatre/film reviews and techy app things, so if you want to have a gander you can check it out here. :)

Last but not least, I made these super cute Flower Pot muffins for my Nan's birthday this summer. :) I often peruse the Lakeland website/catalogue/shop (because I'm just that middle-aged!) and one day I saw these flower pot muffin cases and quite literally I couldn't not have them! It wasn't a want it was a need! I just think they look so cute with the flowers! Which were surprisingly easy to make! :) My next project will be to use the cases as a mould to make chocolate flower pots! Good idea or whatt!? ;)

So, I hope you enjoyed these little snapshots of baking fun! Do any of you make fancy Birthday cakes? :)



  1. very talented! I love the phone muffins

  2. Thankyou for those iphone muffins again, they were literally the best things I have ever seen. Very proud x

    1. :D Thanks very much mrrr :) Xxxxx

  3. So, I couldn't not comment. These treats are amazing, you evidently have a talent. I was already going to follow you be this just sealed the deal for me! xx