Review | Stila One Step Illuminate

28 Nov 2012

I bought the Stila One Step Illuminate on a bit of a whim a few weeks ago when I was purchasing the Stila In The Light Palette. It promised that I could swirl my way to a luminous, glowing complexion in one step! I've never had a majorly bad complexion, but I'm always up to try things that promise a glowing face! And, just look at the pretty swirling pattern! Its so pretty.

Its described as being a tripled-swirled serum, with; Pale Pink - to warm the complexion, Champagne - to highlight the skin and Kitten - to brighten and illuminate. I do agree that it is 'serum' like, but its also really light, almost a mousse-like feel I think! Its really refreshing on the skin as its quite cooling, and it sinks in really quickly. I find that my foundation goes on much smoother after using the primer, and seems to sit better on my skin.

It also claims to reduce imperfections, improve skin texture, minimise pores, diminish wrinkles, hydrates+balances+nourishes the skin and controls oil production. Quite a hefty wish list, eh? I do think that my skin looks a lot better once I've applied the primer, but I wouldn't say its a hugely dramatic difference. It looks smoother and brighter, but its real effects seem to come out best when foundation is applied aswell. Then my skin seems to really glow. There is small almost 'glittery' parts to the formula, which can look a little over-bearing when first applied. But once smoothed out, and again once foundation is set on top you don't look like you have a disco-ball face, just a healthy glow. :)

The fact that the product has a pump dispenser is a really welcome addition, as you only need one pump for your entire face. The pump makes it really simple to dispense and you don't get messy hands! Always a plus! :)

For me, the primer has settled in nicely in my morning routine and I can't imagine not using it now! Addict much?! :) It retails at £24, which is quite pricey for a primer but I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this one drew me right in.

Has anyone else tried the Stila Illuminate? What primers do you use? :)

Bye for now!



  1. This has got such interesting packaging with the swirls! It sounds intriguing with the different colours and I like that it has a cooling feeling :)

    1. The packaging completely sold me! :) haha x

  2. Oh this seems amazing ! and that packaging is so cute ..
    I use MAC PREP+PRIME or La roche posay primer ^^

    xx Liyana

    1. It is awesome :) Ahh, yeah I must try MAC Prep+Prime at one point! :) X

  3. The swirls are so cool! I would buy this product just for that haha. I currently use estee lauder primer however this looks much funner. Great post :) When you get out a minute check out my blog?

    Amy xx

    1. Haha, yeah the packaging was the winning argument in my mind to buy it! haha :) I haven't heard much about the estee lauder primer! I'll have to check it out :) X