Dreaming of the Future.

1 Jan 2015

You may be wondering where the hell I've been, as I have maintained radio silence on my corner of the internet for many a month now. I've been wanting to write ever since my last Sunday Cook post, but all ideas had left me. I had no inspiration, and I could sense my heart wasn't really in it every time I sat down to attempt a post. In true cliche blogger style, I'd rather have taken the time out to recharge my blogging batteries than send mediocre content out into the ether.

But with the start of 2015, and the promise of an exciting year full of change I'm spurred on to write again.

The celebration of a new year is a funny thing really. Each and every year we announce how we will become version 2.0 of ourselves; thinner, fitter, more successful, happier, etc. But, by the end of Dry January we're all bitter and disillusioned by this so called "fresh start" and are back to our old ways.

Is it a bad thing to attempt to reinvent ourselves each new year though? I don't think so. Even if I fail every time its an opportunity to reflect and figure out what kind of a person you truly want to be. I'm not sure if i've figured out the latter just yet, but reflection is a pastime I spend far too much time doing.

2014 has had its ups and downs. I made my first real career move, moved out and fully supported myself for the first time. On the flip side; I've struggled to maintain this blog consistently and have spent many hours questioning where exactly I'm headed professionally.

I'm not going to set "resolutions", because I know I'll break them. But here are some goals for 2015:

- To establish what I love to do, and try and harness that into a career
- To craft more
- To find a new home for myself and Craig that we love
- To live a healthier and more active lifestyle

Happy New Year to all! What are your goals for the future?



  1. Hello and Happy New Year! So glad to see you back blogging, I've definitely missed your posts (especially the recipes!), so happy out. I'm not setting out resolutions either, just things I hope to achieve for the year, but if I don't then I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

    Hope 2015 is great for you :) xx

    http://misslucas93.blogspot.ie/ << new blog

    1. Hi Mary, thanks so much for commenting! :) I've definitely missed the blogging community!!

      Never fear, I have a recipe planned for this Sunday! ;)

      Happy New Year!! xx