Berlin | Part One.

22 Jan 2015

Last week Katie and I went on a Black-Friday fuelled holiday to Berlin, and it was wonderful. The weather was SO cold and rainy on our first day but we still made the most of it. After a 3am wake-up call to catch our plane, we arrived bleary-eyed in Deutschland. Our first challenge was deciphering the train system to get into the city centre, but after managing to validate our ticket we were safely ensconced on a DOUBLE-DECKER TRAIN. Yep, you heard that right! It was so cool, and occasionally made you feel like you were flying when you couldn't see the track below.

Our hotel was near Friedrichstrasse, which was really handy transport wise. Hats off to Germany, they really do public transport well. Theres SO many ways to get around the city, and to be slightly stereotypical here its super efficient! We mainly spent our first day being shunned by cafe workers for daring to try and use Card to pay for lunch (who knew cash-only cafes were such a thing in Germany!?), getting completely lost in the dark rainy back streets and being inspired by the East Side Gallery. Please now prepare for a bombardment of photos. I couldn't just choose one or two, I loved so many. It was fascinating to see how such a terrible memory has been preserved in such an inspiring way. It definitely made me reflect a lot on the importance of freedom of speech, especially in light of recent events in Paris.

Let me know what you think of the artwork! I'll be back with Part Two of our trip soon :)


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