5 Goals, 5 Years.

2 Jan 2015

In 5 years time, I'll be 28. Thats a scary number! When I was a little girl and I used to plan out my ideal life; by the age of 28 I was married with kids on the way. Its laughable how "old" I thought 28 was. Now, I'm pushing the idea of settling down with kids to my mid-30's!

But, little Aimee did have one thing right - by the time I turn I turn 28 I would love to be settled into a career I love, with a lovely home and confidence in myself. With this in mind, I've devised 5 goals to be achieved in the next 5 years. Some will be easier than others, but with 5 years to complete I'm fairly confident!

To: Take more photos.

Out of all my friends, I am one of the more snap-happy. I love looking at old photos and being reminded of the memories they evoke. But I still don't take enough to satisfy my passion - especially when I have such a lovely DSLR. I want to get out and explore more with camera in hand, and if I have to force my friends to pose for me then so be it! I love the thought of showing my life to my children when I'm older.

To: Craft more. 

I've always been a creative person. My whole family is really - from Dad's wood skills, mum's sewing creations and Katie's artistic flair. The dream would be to have a designated craft room in my house where I could hide away for hours. Every Christmas I'll make a load of DIY gifts from Jam to knitting a scarf this year! But from now on I'd like to craft throughout the year. Not having the space or time is usually my excuse, but as something I love to do I want to make the time and space from now on.

To: Spend more time with family and friends. 

A simple but overlooked one now. I often feel very lucky to have such amazing family and friends and I don't see near enough any of them. I need to get off my arse and plan trips to see my further-afield friends and outings for the ones close by. Stat.

To: Love where I live. 

As the years have passed I've become more and more of a homebody and my OBSESSION for homeware has taken full force. It thrills me far more than new clothes do now. I got excited by placemats the other month! I'm literally 23 going on 80 over here. Myself and Craig will be moving out together this year, which I'm SUPER excited about! We just need to find the flat of our dreams to house all my pretty kitchenware now...

To: Be myself always. 

Finally, one to abide by. As with most people, the older you get the more comfortable you become in your own skin. I'd like to be my true self always, starting now, and live my life on my own terms.

5 goals for 5 years. Let's hope I stick to them!


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