Berlin | Part Two.

24 Jan 2015

Part Two of mine and Katie's sister trip to Berlin began with the Berlin Wall Memorial. It was a fascinating spot and really showed the true horror that the wall created in Berlin. It may be strange to say, but all this time I don't think I really appreciated how recent this actually was. The wall fell on November 9th 1989, at this point Katie was over a year old. That fact blows my mind. In this day and age, and especially in England, I think we take freedom of speech slightly for granted. To think that in Katie's lifetime there was still this kind of horror taking place, in a country that I (naively) thought was as "free" as ours is shocking.

After looking around the Exhibition, we climbed up to a viewing platform which gave us a gorgeous view across the city. By that point, it was definitely time for lunch so we headed back into the centre of the city. Our next stop was Alexanderplatz as we had plans to take a trip up the famous TV Tower. We managed to go up at the perfect time as we saw the sun set on the horizon, it really was gorgeous! The TV Tower is a must if you visit Berlin, its so cheap and has a really relaxed atmosphere. There is also a restaurant that revolves to give a panoramic view of the city - we didn't opt for it though, as it was a bit pricey! Enjoy the photos!

Finally, we took a walk across Museum Island and down to the Brandenburg Tor to see it at night. We managed to have stumbled upon a demonstration for the recent riots in Paris. We didn't realise at the time, but even the German President was there! The gate looked gorgeous in the night, so it was a great backdrop!

Only one more post left on our Berlin trip, let me know if you like the photos!


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  1. Love the photography! And you are beautiful! :) x