Dear Fresher Me...

22 Sep 2013

Four years ago, this weekend was the start of my freshers week at Bangor University. It feels like a lifetime ago! But what with my Twitter and Facebook feed being full of Uni related posts I'm feeling rather nostalgic. I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and let you in on a few things I'd tell my University self in hindsight.

First Year: 
STOP with the hoodie/jeans combo! Its never been a good look for you.
Lay off the constant Skype calls to your boyfriend and go outside more! It won't last. 
Join more dance classes than just tap - you'll make so many friends!
Go and spend more time with Emily and Hannah - they'll be your best friends.

Second Year:
Stop worrying about boys so much, the right one will come.
On that note - befriend Craig sooner!
Stop sleeping through your Monday 9am Seminar!

Third Year:
DO MORE WORK! (Recurring theme?)
Keep going to the Dance and Music Societies.
Aside from that: welcome to your favourite year ever <3

I absolutely LOVED my time at Bangor and it was actually rather fun to look back! Another thing I would add to myself in general is to take more group photos, I couldn't find any of all my friends together! If you've gone to Uni what would you tell yourself? I hope any Freshers reading this are having the best time everrr :)


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