Micellar Waters: A Comparison

21 Sep 2013

Ever since I first read about Micellar Waters and bought my first bottle I've been a total convert. I love how clean and fresh my face feels after using one, and I've definitely seen a marked improvement in how my skin looks since I first started using them. I don't break out half as much as I used to, and my skin looks a lot more 'awake' now. It makes me worry about how much make-up I used to leave on my face when I was only using a simple face wipe! :S

As I've used quite a few different brands I thought I'd do a little comparison for you!

First up: the Vichy Normaderm Solution Micellaire 3 in 1. This was the first micellar water I purchased and I have to say it is really great. It is actually for sensitive/acne prone skin, which although I don't suffer from acne, at the time I was breaking out a fair bit so I hoped this would combat that! The water itself cleans your face really efficiently and only takes a few swipes to get all my eye make-up off. Although I do really like this water, at £10.50 a pop its a bit on the pricey side for me as I've found better cheaper options!

Secondly is my current favourite! I've actually repurchased this three times now, and I have a back-up in my cupboard too....obsessed? Me? Never.. Its the L'Oréal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution! I've seen quite a lot of bloggers saying this is a dupe for the ever famous Bioderma! I've never actually tried Bioderma (mainly due to the price!) so if it really is a dupe then I'm so glad I found it! I really love this solution, it makes my skin feel so refreshed after using and its really gentle on my eyes too. This might be a bit of a sad point, but I really like the simple packaging too! It currently retails at £4.99, although every time I've bought the bottle its either been on a BOGOF deal or has been reduced so you can't really complain! :)

Third is the B. Pure Micellar Water and is the only bottle not to be 200ml in size. The actual solution is very similar to the L'Oréal water in my eyes, but being 50ml less with the same price tag doesn't make me as much of a fan! I would also say that I've found I use slightly more product to remove my make-up than the first two waters.

Lastly is my least favourite. Its isn't actually a water either - rather its a gel formula, which yes I know doesn't really fit with my theme but being a micellar gel I thought I'd include it. Sue me! The La Roche-Posay Micellar Make-up Removal Gel is actually aimed at people with sensitive skin. Like the Vichy water I bought this a long time ago when my skin was more sensitive and prone to break-outs. Initially I was intrigued by the gel formula, but to be completely honest I hated it! It felt like it took me double the time to remove my make-up, and I felt like I really had to rub at my eyes to remove it - not so great for sensitive skin! On reading other reviews it seems I am in the minority as most people love it, but for me at £12 I know I'll definitely be sticking to micellar waters from now on.

I feel like that was rather lengthy! Oops! But I hope it was an interesting read - I definitely recommend the L'Oréal micellar water if your looking for an affordable option :)



  1. I really want to try a miscellar water, but I'm worried about the price tag and whether it will work or not :S
    Do you use it to remove makeup before washing your face? Or after washing your face (instead of a toner)? :)

    1. I totally understand, it can be tricky to know whether to take the plunge! The Loreal water is amazing though, and much more affordable!
      I use the water to remove my make-up, and then cleanse my face afterwards. I find it works really well like this :) xxx

  2. I'm so glad I found this post! I'm now totally obsessed with finding Loreal's miscellar water! Lovely blog :)))