The Best of Festivals.

19 Sep 2013

See what I did with the title there?? ;) Now I wouldn't say I'm your typical Festival go-er (considering I couldn't bear the thought of living with a flippy fringe for a weekend and therefore took gas straighteners!) but it is something I've always wanted to do. Something to tick off the 'life list' if you will!
I went to Bestival with two of my best friends, and although we were a little dubious as to whether we actually were 'festival' people, by the end of the weekend I was totally won over! Going to a festival for the first time is definitely a learning curve though, and I now know to take an abundance of socks, take more jumpers (the evenings get cold!) and to bring a man who can do all the heavy lifting!
Whenever I've spoken to a friend about going to a festival, not one person has ever mentioned how bloody hard it is to carry all your things across the site to find somewhere to camp! We were exhausted by the time we finally found a spot! It turned out to be a really great place to camp though, and luckily our tent survived the weekend! The weather was amazing the first day (hence the top picture above!), but our luck didn't last. And it rained on and off every day after! Generally we managed to get inside for most of the torrential parts though. I would say that, aside from the DISGUSTING" toilets" getting soaked from the rain is the worst part of a festival, because its so hard to get warm again! This may be because Bestival is in September though - I'm sure if you go in the height of summer its not so bad!
We saw loads of amazing bands! Some highlights being - Jessie Ware, London Grammar, Bastille, Tom Odell, The 1975, Franz Ferdinand, John Newman, Disclosurem Chic feat. Nile Rodgers and even Elton John!! He was actually really good to be fair, and Your Song was a particular highlight! :) Only having my iPhone didn't make for the best pictures though!

Aside from the few downsides of Festivals - which to be fair are mainly toilet related! - I had such a good weekend and I definitely think I am a Festival person now :) We actually tried to get tickets for Glastonbury last year and JUST missed out! So I'll be trying for Glastonbury tickets again in two weeks time when they go on sale! Wish me luckk!



  1. Ah I love it Aimes... yeah i forgot to tell you about the back breaking campsite search! "/ xx

  2. You three properly look like triplets in most of the pictures. It's the matching hair that does it! xx