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1 Sep 2013

If I could only have one social media platform to play with, it would without a doubt be Instagram. I bloody love it, even if my friends do tell me off for constantly posting pictures of food! This in mind, I wanted to print off some of my photos - I hate the fact that you have hundreds of beautifully filtered photos wasting away on your phone! I found the website Prinstagram and immediately fell in love with the picture sizes and designs you could purchase and I obviously made an order!

I got the largest square size (4x4in) which comes in a set of 24 and the mini 'polaroid' style (8.5x5.5cm) which comes in a set of 48. I love the polaroid style prints as you can add a little annotation under the photo! I still haven't decided whether I'm going to do this to the photos above, or if I'm going to purchase a new set for scrapbook purposes which I can annotate to my hearts content.

Each set was $12 and p&p was $12 as well, so it was a total of $36 which came to about £23 - I thought this was pretty good value, considering the amount of prints I was getting. They also came really speedily and the actual quality of the prints is really great, not at all flimsy like some website prints!

When I first bought them I wasn't entirely sure where I was going to put them, but I'm so glad how it turned out. I always lust over 'Insta-Walls' on Pinterest and now I have my own! I'm sure I'll be adding to it soon when I have a few more photos as well :)

I love having lots of photos in my room, its nice to have physical reminders of happy memories to look at. :) Do you print out any photos?


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