25 Things You Didn't Know About Me...

2 Feb 2013

As you must have gathered, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do the '25 Things About Me' tag. I've seen it on so many blogs now and being the nosey person I am I think its quite fun to see the person 'behind the blog' and learn more about them. I have seen some tag's write as many as 50 things, but I thought I'd limit mine to just 25 :) Here we go!

1. I love going to the theatre, I have a scrapbook full of all my musical and play ticket stubs.

2. I can play the Flute and am at Grade 8 standard. (I'm also ridiculously proud of that fact, as I never thought I'd actually pass!)

3. I love cake. Chocolate, crisps and biscuits just don't even compare to the amazing-ness of cake.

4. The train is my favourite mode of transport, I love looking out at the countryside with music playing. (Its even better when the music fits the moment, know what I mean?)

5. I went to University in North Wales, and loved every minute of it. Having a view of Snowdonia from my bedroom window is something I will always miss.

6. I'm ridiculously sentimental, and keep pretty much any old thing if it has a slight meaning.

7. I moved to Sandusky, Ohio, USA on June 8th 2011 to work for four months as a photographer at a theme park. It was the single scariest and best thing I've ever done.

8. Me and my best friend share the same name, except hers is spelt more conventionally 'Amy'.

9. I can spend hours looking through old photographs.

10. I love living in London, and want to move further into central as soon as I can.

11. The one city I want to go back to more than anything is Chicago, Illinois.

12. I really enjoy photography and have a Fisheye Lomography camera.

13. I love decorating elaborate Birthday cakes (and eating the left over icing!).

14. My boyfriend still lives in our University town, and although I miss being able to see him whenever I like, I love the excitement that is created from visits to see each other.

15. I'm a really patriotic person.

16. The first time I travelled on a plane I was 19, and I went to Dublin with my sister. It was such a fun holiday!

17. I love writing and receiving letters, it makes me feel like I'm in the regency period.

18. I love trashy tv shows about Magaluf/Zante/Malia....any place where British teenagers get crazy drunk.

19. I love writing lists, and have a Listography book to my name.

20. I love love love shopping, its less of a pastime than a weekly need.

21. I love having coffee and cake out with friends.

22. My favourite piece of classical music is Debussy's, Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune. Its beautiful in so many ways and I've always wanted to play it in an orchestra.

23. I love having a good catch up over a bottle of wine.

24. I'm really proud of myself that I've stuck to all my new years resolutions! Only 11 more months to go...

25. Lastly, I started this blog as a hobby to keep me occupied whilst most of my friends were still away at Uni, but now I've really begun to love my little blog. :)

There we have it, 25 new things you know about me! I did actually find that somewhat tricky, so let me know if you attempted it too and I'll have a look :)



  1. I love reading this posts! It's so nice to get to know bloggers better!

    I want to move further into Central too, I'm currently in student halls in zone 4 but my Uni is next to Baker St - and I HATE having to get the Metropolitan line. However if I had it my way I'd be moving to LA. Like how you love Chicago I love LA and have so many memories and friends there - I'm going back next week actually and can't wait. It just feels like home.

    I'm a sucker for trashy T.V. too, I look forward to sun sex and suspicious parents every week ;)


  2. this is so cute - I wish i was that musically talented! X

  3. What Happens In Kavos, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents...need I go on?
    Haha, I may have to do this tag :)


  4. Your name is spelt the exact same as my sisters :D

  5. Has anyone ever told you you have eyes and hair like Zooey Deschanel's?
    Fabulous~! <3 you have a great sense of fashion!

    Thanks for sharing your tag with me! :)


  6. I love reading the 25 facts posts :D and i love cake too ;) (who doesn't) x