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18 Feb 2013

So, I've been mentioning that I'd be posting a foundation review for what feels like forever, but life kept getting in the way. Last weekend I was visiting the best friend in Lancaster, then the week was full of work and this weekend the boyfriend came to stay! So, this is the first night I've had in a while to catch up on all the blogs I follow and really sit down to write a post! Thank you to all the new followers I've had this week though, every comment and follow has really made me smile :) Anyway, onwards with the review!

I bought the L'Oreal True Match Foundation back in the beginning of January so I really have given it a good test, and I'm really happy with it. I'd noticed quite a few drugstore brands had created 'match perfecting' foundations in recent months, and the whole idea really intrigued me. I wanted to know if it really worked, so I went to my local Boots and asked to be 'matched'. The sales lady was quite nice at first, and then ended up being quite rude to my best friend...but we did both end up leaving with a foundation so I guess she must have done something to sway us!

I was matched with N2 Vanilla and I think it really blends in well with my natural skin tone. It gives a medium coverage, and is quite runny in texture. The foundation is definitely build-able though if you wanted a fuller coverage. I find it works best if I've primed my skin first; I use the Vichy Illuminating and Smoothing Cream and the Stila One Step Illuminate, reviewed HERE and then apply with my Louise Gray foundation brush. It spreads really well, and when buffed into the skin gives a really flawless finish.

I mentioned earlier that the foundation is quite runny, I find this can sometimes be slightly irritating. I apply the foundation to the back of my hand, and then dab my foundation brush into the foundation from there. Therefore, being quite runny it does tend to slide around on my hand slightly, and can dry quite quickly which wastes the product. In saying that however, its only a minor inconvenience and the foundation has lasted me a month and a half and doesn't appear to need replacing anytime soon.

Packaging wise, being made of glass is definitely a plus as you can see how much product is left, and having a pump to dispense the foundation is so handy. I really do enjoy the finish the foundation gives and I definitely think I'll be repurchasing.

Have any of you tried this foundation? Let me know what you thought :)


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  1. Great post.
    I'm needing a new foundation soon and I think I might try the true match foundation as it seems to be working for you.

    Shauni x