Review | Dermalogica Clean Start Kit.

2 Nov 2012

Well hello there!

In my October Glossy Box I received the Dermalogica Clean Start Kit, and raved about it in my October Favourites post!

However, more recently I've started to have real issues with the kit! :( I've completely broken out, which for me is quite unusual! I get the odd spot here and there, but I literally broke out all over my forehead and quite abit on my chin. Clearly I've looked amazing recently. ;)

The Wash Off - Foaming Wash seems to be the main culprit, 

alongside the All Over Clear - Purifying Toner. 

Both products although making my face feel super refreshed and hydrated, also made my skin feel really tight. At first I quite liked it, as (it may just be me!) but I always think that signifies that the product is working! But the longer I used it the more it would just be uncomfortable! And using the Wash Off on top of my breakouts wasn't the most soothing of applications! 

The only saving grace of the mini-kit however, is the Welcome Matte spf15 - Moisturiser which I do still really like! 

It makes my skin feel really refreshed and smooth after a shower in the morning, and in the evening it soothes my skin after removing all my make-up. I really like the consistency, as its quite thin making it perfect in the morning as it sinks in quickly so I can apply my make-up. 

The only downside I do have to the moisturiser is that I think it has a slightly funny smell. I can't even describe what the smell is, its not flowery..but not clinical either. Somewhere in the middle of those two perhaps? It hardly excites my senses on the smell factor that's for sure. 

Overall, in my opinion the Welcome Matte moisturiser definitely trumps the other two products in the kit. 

Its a shame as if I hadn't of broken out, I was definitely going to re-purchase! But, I can't really see the point in just buying the moisturiser, I'd rather buy a complete kit that works well together. I'm thinking of trying the Clinique 3-Step Set next, so I'll let you know how I fare with that one! :)

Has anyone else loved/hated the Dermalogica Clean Start Kit? Let me know :)

I hope you're all well! 

Bye for now! 


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  1. Really nice to see these kit again on this blog. Its nearly year ago, I tried this clean start kit from Dermalogica. And believe me I am very much satisfied custome.