Weekend Chit Chat.

4 Nov 2012

Well hello there!

Yesterday I went to my cousins wedding, it was such a lovely day and it was a pleasure to be there and see how happy the couple was :)

At the reception, they had a photo booth! I'm not sure how popular they are at weddings now, but I have heard of quite a few couples using them! They're basically like a little camera set up in a photo booth style, which guests can go in (with props if you want!), take photos and they'll be printed out for a memento to take home or to leave for the bride and groom to keep in their wedding book. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you the two snaps that me and my sister took! They were super fun :)

If you wanted to check out the photo booth, the website is here ; Anarchy Photography :)

Hope you've all had a good weekend!

Bye for now!

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  1. These photos are so cute! Aw I want a go, there are loads of ideas on pinterest of just using photobooth on an iMac with a curtain and a basket of props haha!
    lots of love,
    Nat xx

    1. Haha, thanks :)! Ahh thats a really good idea aswell! Good for a wedding on a budget :)

  2. Fun pics!