Review | Louise Gray for Topshop Mascara

8 Jan 2013

I've always admired Louise Grays make-up collection for Topshop, the products always seem really high quality, used interesting colours and had super pretty packaging! However, until very recently I only actually owned the Make-Up Brushes from the collection which I mentioned in my first blog post here. Most of the line is now discontinued  but the Mascara, Lipstick, Eye Cream Duo, Glitter Pots Duo and Eye Palette are all still available. Although the Mascara is the only item not on sale which makes me think everything else will soon be discontinued too. :(

I am now the lucky owner of said Mascara as one of my best friends Charlotte gave it to me for Christmas! :)! I was super excited to try it and I really haven't been disappointed! I have the mascara in 'There And Black' and it gives a dramatic black finish without needing a million and one coats.

The real bristles on the wand are definitely a big plus for me as I find that they provide a much easier application and ensures that the mascara goes onto the lashes smoothly and evenly without clumping. The bristles also help to add volume to the lashes and separates them evenly.

To show off the full effects, here is my eye without any mascara;
Now with one coat;
And finally with a second coat;

I really like how wide awake the mascara makes my eyes look, but in quite a natural way. The only downside I've found to the mascara is quite a petty issue of mine!

In that every time I screw the mascara wand back onto the tube it has an overspill of product! Whilst obviously a waste of the mascara, it also ruins the pretty packaging so I feel the need to clean it every time! So yes, only a silly issue but my only issue :)

All in all, I reallyy like this mascara so fingers crossed they don't discontinue it soon!! Maybe I'll buy another one to stock up just in case...;)

Have any of you tried anything from the Louise Gray collection?



  1. This is lovely (: I've always been a bit doubtful of the Topshop make up collection mostly because, like everything else Topshop does, the quality isn't up to scratch giving the price label. But this has really made a difference to your lashes! Lovely packaging too (: xxx

    1. Oh noo, I'm such a topshop whore! haha! Im trying to wean myself off, but my obsession is abit unhealthy! I'm glad I've slightly swayed your view though! :) haha Xxx

  2. I have heard great things about Topshop mascaras. I have had their lipsticks before and their pigmentation is incredible so maybe i'll look into purchasing a mascara. Great post! x

    Tanya from Cats and Clothing
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    1. You really should! Its such good quality! :) Thank you so much :) xx

  3. You have gorgeous eyes!!! I've never tried anything from Topshop :O cosmetic wise!
    Gem x |

    1. Thank you so much!! :) You definitely need to try some!! Its so good! :) Xx

  4. That's so weird about the overspill :S Definitely a packaging fault! I think the tube is really cute though. You have such lovely lashes :)