2012; The Last Few Days.

4 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!!

The last week has been a super busy one for me, with one of my best friends staying with me for New Years, and my boyfriend staying for a whole week! Its been proper fun but, as you can imagine has left me little time to blog! Therefore, as a little disclaimer this post is going to be very picture heavy from here on with my New Years events! I hope you enjoy :)

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with my sister, best friend and boyfriend on NYE <3
Pretty Winter Wonderland Lights :)
Beautiful Christmas Lights in Leicester Square :)
Yummy Prezzo Dinner in Trafalgar Square 
Me and my sister Katie messing around :)
One of my Best Friends Charlotte <3
My SUPER YUM pudding! 
NYE Fireworks in London from Waterloo Bridge <3
New Years Day Parade in Trafalgar Square :)
The Parade :)
Charlotte, my Boyfriend Craig and I at the Parade <3
Craig & Me <3
Wicked the Musical!! For the third time...oops!
Mine, Craig's and my best friend Joe's YUMMY Paella from a street market in Greenwich!
Nelsons Ship next to the Greenwich Maritime Museum :)

I've had an amazing end to what has been a really great year for me! I turned 21, completed two dissertations, my boyfriend took me away to Edinburgh for the weekend, I graduated University, I visited lots of friends in different parts of the UK, saw lots of musicals and plays, shopped perhaps a bit too much, got a placement at AMG and begun this little blog! All in all, its been brilliant and I can't wait for 2013 to be even better :)

I have made a few little New Years resolutions, which I'm specifically writing on here so they hopefully stick in my mind more! I never usually make them, but hopefully this is the year they work! 

First off; I want to be more motivated. I mean this in regards to everything, health, exercise and just general life. I feel like I waste a lot of time just doing 'nothing' on my laptop when I could be much more productive with my time! 

Secondly, the age old; lose weight! Not masses, but enough to make me more confident in my appearance. This ties in with the above resolution though, and being more motivated in exercising!

And finally; to drink more water! I hardly drink anything throughout the day, and I really just need to get my six/eight glasses in! 

Thank you so much to all my followers, you really have made the end of my year that much better! :) I hope you've all had a wonderful year! What New Years Resolutions have you made? :)



  1. The pictures of the Christmas lights and fireworks are so pretty :) Sounds like you had a productive year filled with lots of achievements! Good luck with all your goals for 2013 - I definitely need to work on pretty much everything you've listed, including not spending so much time doing nothing in front of a computer :p And drinking more water!

    1. Thank you so much :) Haha, fingers crossed we both succeed with our resolutions then! Xx

  2. Great photographs :) Happy new year x


  3. Happy New Year

    I really like the pictures you took of the week! Great week dear xx


    1. Thanks mrr! It was a lovely week indeed :) Xxxx

  4. Just noticed what an awful picture you have of me on here! :-( Haha! x

    1. Its funnyyyy! And, also you said I could use any photo, sooo its your fault :p Xxxx