Review | Essie "Cocktail Bling"

29 Jan 2013

About two weeks ago Boots sent me a £2 off voucher for any Essie nail polish, as it would be rude to not take up the offer I took one for the team and trotted off down to Boots voucher in hand.
I'm a saint, I know ;)

I ended up choosing Cocktail Bling, which on first glance at the bottle looked like a very light grey. I know this seems quite an odd choice of colour, but the unusual shade really drew me in. I also wanted to lighten up my polish collection as I've really gone all out on the dark wintery shades recently.

When applying, I used two coats of Cocktail Bling, one coat of my favourite Nails Inc. Top Coat and my Rapid Dry Spray. On the first coat I was a little concerned, as the consistency of the polish was really watery! Not what I expect from an Essie polish! However, by the second coat my nails looked smooth and opaque. I'm not entirely sure why the polish was watery to begin with, perhaps because I forgot to shake the bottle beforehand? Either way, on subsequent applications I haven't had any problems at all.

The longevity of this polish is amazing!! I can wear the polish for a week with only tiny chips on my index fingers appearing. I pretty much always get chips on my index fingers straight away though so I never really take that into consideration. The colour of the polish on the nails is much bluer than it looks in the bottle, so you end up with a very pale grey/blue which is really lovely. Quite wintery still but in a much lighter way, which I really enjoy.

I'm actually really glad I chose this polish, there's always so many on display at the Essie stand that I'm happy this one jumped out at me! What's your favourite Essie polish? :)


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  1. Gorgeous shade! Love it! I really love Essie's Fiji! :))


    1. Ooo, I'll have to check that shade out! :) Xx