Autumnal Thoughts.

15 Oct 2014

Autumn is most definitely upon us. Scarves are back in my staple wardrobe, ankle boots are on and hand warming coffees are in full force. I'm in total Autumn mood and I'm loving it. Which is odd really, as 80% of the time I'm longing for summer and pretty floaty dresses! It seems that the older I've got the more I've begun to enjoy the crisp autumn mornings of October and November. With this in mind, I've compiled a list dedicated to my new-found love of all things Autumn.

- Cold mornings mean more excuses for a commuter coffee. A beverage in hand seems to be a cult on my morning train.
- The trees hit their peak in autumn with their beautiful leaves. This also means you get to crunch them soon, which is fun regardless of your age. Admit it, we've all made a slight detour to step on a particularly crunchy one!
- Cold evenings mean snuggly evenings in front of the TV with copious amounts of tea and cake. You've got to build up your winter layer of warmth after all...!
- Chunky knit jumpers. That is all.
- The countdown to Christmas officially begins once Autumn hits in my eyes. I've already bought a present, and planned my Christmas baking. Anyone else....?
- Rosy Cheeks. I may be alone on this, but I love that sort of flushed feel and look you get in Autumn when you've been outside. It almost reminds me of being a child again!
- Fireworks! I absolutely love a good firework display - though I HATE fireworks let off from back-gardens, those just terrify me! I always think they'll go wrong and end up flying at a house or person!
- Primark woolly leggings. Anyone else own these? The fleecy pyjama/legging combo that is just the COMFIEST thing ever on a cold day. They're my ultimate lounge day go-to.
- Putting on winter weight in secret, as you're constantly wearing oversized jumpers and big coats. Winning!
- Finally, a slightly strange one. That cold yet warm feeling you get when you're having a stroll in brisk air. Resonate with anyone?? haha

I've just written this list sitting in bed with a massive mug of tea, and I totally feel like I AM Autumn!



  1. I love the colder months, though it's now Spring here in Australia. I haven't bought any presents as of yet, but I did pop into a year-round Xmas store the other day & buy a new ornament! :)

  2. Autumn is absolutely my favourite time of year! LOVE it! All the excitement of Halloween and Christmas, the leaves, cosy nights in front of the fire and YES! those leggings from Primark are amazing...I bought a pair yesterday with penguins on them! xx