Weekly Highlights. #20

3 May 2014

Clockwise From Left: Ikea planning with Craig, Latte from Monmouth ♥, Craig very excited by the first frame up in our room, tasty dinner with Craig and the unique coffee making process in Monmouth. 
This week I have literally taken 5 photos. Just 5! I'm usually so snap happy so I'm not entirely sure what was wrong with me! I have had a rather busy yet lovely week though!

1. On Saturday my best buddy Amy came over, and we with the help of Craig made my famous Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pie! Craig has been bigging this up to Amy for ages and I was worried he'd over hyped it! But it definitely didn't disappoint! The only problem is now that I want it again!! 

2. On Sunday myself, Katie, Craig and my Mum went to Ikea which is alwaysss a treat. Me and Craig got a few exciting things for the flat. But basically I just enjoyed walking round the shop! Homeware is literally one of my favourite things to buy - its like at some point in your twenties a home-maker is suddenly awakened in you and you find yourself getting far too excited about chopping boards and making comments like 'IKEA's Utensil selection wasn't very good today!' ....oh dear.

3. Finally, a coffee related highlight! I work in London Bridge which means Monmouth Coffee Company is within daily reach. Monmouth seriously do make the best coffee and I've recently experienced just how amazing their brownies are too! A definite must if you're in the area :)

So that's my week! How's yours been? :)


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