Weekly Highlights. #21

10 May 2014

L-R: Selfie time, Yummy cakes made by Katie, Pimms, Moving day, Pie and Afternoon Tea. 
This week has been full of packing, food and sun!! I've had rather a delightful week, and as I sit here writing this in my new flat I feel right at home. :)

1. Last Saturday I went to my very first Hen Do!! Craig's brother is getting married in July so I went along to his fiancé's do! We had afternoon tea at westminster abbey which was really lovely, we were in a sort of atrium which was really pretty! The scones were soo good too and for 20 quid with a glass of prosecco I thought it was pretty damn good! :) We then went to Udderbelly on the Southbank for Pimm's and ended up with dinner at an amazing Turkish restaurant!

2. Monday was moving day! It was surprisingly unstressful contrary to what my mum was expecting I think! But it was a good day of unpacking finished with a yummy dinner made by Joe and a hella lot of pimms. :)

3. Finally, I have to give a shoutout to Craig and the amazing pie he made last night! It was a veggie layer pie - lentils, aubergine, ricotta and lots of other yummy veg. It was literally so good and looked amazing in real life! My picture almost makes it look like a humoungous toastie don't you think? :)

Well that's my week! I'm writing this in a slight rush as I need to leave to catch a train! But I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


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  1. Love these posts ^_^ that pie sounds amazing by the way! x