Muji Storage.

9 May 2014

So as you may have guessed I've jumped on the very pretty Muji storage bandwagon! I've always lusted over every review of them, and finally decided that on moving out it'd be the best storage solution for me.

As I'm sharing a room with my boyfriend I wanted my make-up to be neatly packed out of his way but also to be pretty and easy to get to for me! Muji storage fits the bill perfectly. Stacking everything in its drawers was weirdly pleasing to do - especially my lipstick layer!

I got the drawers as a Birthday present from my lovely mummy, but I picked them out! I got the 3 drawer unit and the 2 drawer wide unit which I stacked on top.  The 3 drawer unit is really quite thin so definitely not suitable for foundation bottles. Its perfect for lipsticks and eyeshadows though! The top two drawers have a much wider depth and you can fit a lot more bulky makeup in. Although, I've just used my top drawer to house all my current everyday makeup.

I bought my drawers in store, and although I'd already read many reviews that said how small they actually are in person I was still a little surprised. So if you buy them online, you've been forewarned! haha

The drawers are so affordable though, which makes me not feel quite as bad about possibly buying another set in the future! 5 drawers are clearly not enough....ahem ;) I also really love being able to see all my make-up through the clear acrylic. Makeup packaging is so pretty nowadays anyway so we might as well show it off!

Have you been tempted by the Muji storage?