Flashback Friday Vol #4: Smells Like Teen Spirit

31 May 2013

A few days ago me and my sister were discussing 'what we'd say to our 14 year old selves' if we could go back. Its an interesting conundrum and one I've pondered on many occasions. Not necessarily always on the age of 14, but those definitive teenage years play a major part in the person you become.

I found the picture above on my old MySpace account, remember those? Don't ask me how I could remember my username, but in many ways I wish I hadn't been able to see it again! So. Much. Embarrassment.

Despite the fact that I look like a ridiculous poser in the picture, I figured it captured that MySpace era perfectly, complete with the posed arm. What. A. Twat. Haha Please say you have these embarrassing photos too!? Anyway I thought I'd share with you a little list of the things I would say if I could go back and steer my little 14 year old self in the right direction.

PUT YOUR ARM DOWN. And stop taking embarrassing photos of your self. 
Put the eyeliner down - you have enough on already. 
Stop stressing that you don't have a boyfriend! It really doesn't matter.
Stop writing 'teehee' after every "funny" thing you write on MySpace/Bebo
Put the Nike Drawstring bag down and walk away.
Don't wear pigtail plaits with ribbons - you're not a five year old. 

And lastly:

It Gets Better.

Did any of these strike a chord with you? Any embarrassing MySpace photos lurking? Let me know what you'd tell your 14 year old self, I'd be really interested to know :)


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  1. Haha this is brilliant! Myspace - such good (bad times) remember bulletins? I wore too much eyeliner too, only in a really chavvy way, and there's a slight chance I myt av tlkd a bit lyk dis ye u gt me?

    The less said the better haha...

    Holly Mixtures