My Current No.7 Routine

2 May 2013

 About a month ago I decided to take Boots up on one of their many 3 for 2 offers and had a little No.7 splurge. I wanted to try the Hot Cloth Cleanser, and the other products just called out to me. I've been using all three for the past month or so, and its become my little No.7 routine so I thought I'd share it with you :)

All the products come from No.7's Beautiful Skin skincare range which I've always found to be really good value for money. The Hot Cloth Cleanser is no exception, as the full 200ml bottle is £9.95 and it lasts for absolutely forever. I've used mine daily for a month and I've not even used a quarter of the product yet! The muslin cloth that comes with the cleanser is super soft and fluffy, and really soothes the skin. The actual cleanser is a really nice creamy consistency and leaves your skin feel refreshed and super soft. I feel like my skin has been a lot brighter since using it, and I've had a few compliments! Which is always what you want :)

The Eye Make-Up Remover is a product that I'm in two minds about. I blot the liquid on to a cotton pad to then swipe all over my eyes and it does do an excellent job at removing everything. I also use it all over my face to remove my foundation and any other make-up, and again it does an excellent job at removing it all. But, I find myself left with an oily consistency all over my face, like a strange residue left over from the product. Its not an issue per-say as I then go on to use my hot cloth cleanser and the oily feeling is gone. But, its still not something I enjoy and it doesn't make my skin feel refreshed which is ideally what I want when removing my make-up. So, although it does the job well I won't be repurchasing! The bottle has also run out really quickly, and I'm already on the last dregs!

Finally, the Day Cream which I have in Normal/Dry is the last addition to this No.7 themed post. Despite this being called a day cream, I personally don't solely use this for the day, I do also apply the cream at night. I know some of you may be revelling in shock, as seeing as its called a day cream, there must be a reason for its designated day usage. But, I find it works just as well, and I enjoy using it whenever. Its a super nice texture, really nice and light and it spreads really evenly across the face. You don't need a lot either, as the product really does go a long way. I also really like that the cream is in a tub, it just seems so much easier to scoop out however much product you want. At £12.50, I think its really quite reasonable and there's always a £5 off No.7 voucher floating around anyhow!

So there is my current No.7 routine! Let me know if you've used/are using any of these products and how you find them :)



  1. These look lovely :D I have a no7 voucher at the minute and love the idea of the cleanser :) xx

  2. I love No7 products :) I have a serum thing which I can't remember the name of but it's really good :D and I love taking advantage of the vouchers you get from boots :)


  3. I actually never tried any of No7 products, but heard so many good things. Might need to pick something up next time I'm in Boots :) x