October Favourites.

27 Oct 2012

Well hello there!

So to properly kick start this blog, I thought I'd tell you about my favourite things of this month!

So beauty wise;

Now I know that this is hardly a new and exciting product, but I've only just gotten round to buying the MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed. I was never very interested in using a blush, but more recently I've been really enjoying it so thought I'd splurge on a MAC version. I wasn't disappointed! I really love the subtle finish it gives.

I'm also loving the Louise Gray make-up collection at Topshop. It actually launched back in August, but I only recently opted for the brush set. The colours make it super pretty (I'm a sucker for good packaging!) and the brushes are so soft! Perfect for my everyday makeup. I think they look like cute paintbrushes :)

My favourite perfume of the moment is Marc Jacob's Dot! Once again, I know this has been out for a while and it is really more of a summer scent I guess, but I'm still trying to cling onto the last dregs of summer :) And the bottle is soo pretty sitting on my chest of drawers :)

In the October Glossy Box, I received a Yves Rocher lipstick in 101 Framboise which I have to say I am really loving! It glides on so well! I haven't worn it enough to give it a full review, but so far I am really enjoying it! And considering it retails at £14.50, I think it was definitely worth my glossy box this month :)

Onto Haircare;

I do have quite naturally thick hair, but it can sometimes often look bushy and untamed, so I'm really enjoying this Tea Tree Lemon and Sage Thickening Spray, as it seems to really help make my hair look fuller without being abit Hermione Granger-esque. :) Its quite tricky to come by though, as its a Paul Mitchell brand and you can only buy it in specific hairdressers. If you find it I definitely recommend it though :)

In the September Glossy Box, I got the Maghrabian Argan Oil Treatment, which is quite literally amazing! I cannot recommend it enough! It makes my hair feel so soft and shiny, and it lasts the whole day! I find it works best when put on damp hair before you blow dry your hair, but it still works well on dry hair too. I'm going to try an Ojon oil once this bottle finishes just to compare, but I can definitely see myself buying the full size bottle of the Maghrabian Oil at some point!

Onto Skincare;

Again in my October Glossy Box, I received the Dermalogical Clean Start Kit. I know alot of people were unhappy with this addition to the glossy box, but as I hadn't yet tried it, I really enjoyed receiving it! I've used it everyday so far, and I've definitely noticed a difference! My face feels really refreshed after every use! And the moisturiser is nice and light. The only downside I think is that buying the full versions of each bottle separately is quite expensive, but then re-purchasing the mini kit seems silly as I'll use it so quick! Dilemma's!

Soap And Glory products have always been amazing, and so very pretty. But, this Sugar Crush Body Scrub is literally my favourite. I actually found it after beauty blogger Zoella raved about how good it smelt, and oh em gee was she right. I literally want to eat it, it smells divine! Even the description sounds yummy to me; "Smashed brown sugar and sweet lime, almond oil & macadamia grains".  But, it does do its job amazingly well, my skin always feels super smooth after I've used it! So thumbs up all round, and I will definitely be buying it again when I run out! 

Fashion Time!;

So, I've been trying to be good recently as I'm totally skint and Christmas is coming up, so I need to save my pennies for presents! But! I did go shopping the other day in the sale, and we all know sale shopping is allowed, right? 

I picked up some really cool leggings from Sparkle & Fade in Urban Outfitters. I never normally buy patterned leggings, cos I don't feel like I have the legs for them! But they're a reallyy soft material that just felt so nice and they were half price, so essentially, I couldn't resist! :) 

I also picked up a really pretty, almost burnt orange skirt with a brown belt from Topshop. Again, it was in the sale, but I do have a bigger confession to make with this item! As of yet, it doesn't quite fit me! I fell in love with it so much though, and I am attempting to lose a bit of extra baggage I have, so its my 'thin-spiration' skirt, if you will :) I keep it hanging on my wardrobe in the hopes that it'll help give me good healthy thoughts! haha :) Fingers crossed, eh? 

My last 'October Favourite', is a book! I'm currently reading and loving Miranda Hart's auto-biography/book Is It Just Me? Its seriously funny and has had me in stitches on various forms of public transport! Quite awkward at times! So, I won't give anything away, but if you like her t.v show, you'll love this :)

So, I've come to the end of my favourites now, its been very long so I do apologise, but I hope it was somewhat interesting! 

I'll leave you with a good thought; "Be The Best Version Of Yourself That You Can Be"

Bye for now!


P.S. Sorry the photos are such bad quality! I wish I had a lovely proper camera! :(


  1. The leggings is great!



    1. Thanks! :) I wore them today and they kept me nice and toasty! :)


  2. Ha! That 'Dot' perfume will always remind me of Deadmau5, I dunno why.

    1. Deadmau5? I'm not sure where the connection is....but I enjoy their music so thats always a winner :) haha