Baking Fails and Baking Triumphs.

28 Oct 2012

Well hello there!

I hope everyone is well! Its been a superr cold day, but I wrapped up warm and went to see Skyfall at the cinema! Now, I'm no hardcore Bond fan but its literally amazing! I loved it! I definitely recommend it to everyone!! :)

Now, I thought I'd show you two Autumnal bakes that I attempted recently! One went food-gasmly well and the other...well, it was in the bin pretty quickly. Mega sad times :(

Both recipes came from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbooks, which in my opinion are some of the best! All their cakes taste amazing, and their actual shops are so cute! 

This is the Portobello Road one, so another good reason to go to the market! :)

The food-gasm delight was Red Velvet Cupcakes, which if you haven't had before (and you need to!) is a red sponge with cream cheese frosting! Super nom, and so easy to make :)

But my sadd failure, was a Pumpkin Pie! My sister bought me a pumpkin for Halloween, and I thought I'd try and make a pie for the first time! It can't be that hard right? Famous last words!!

First of all my pastry just would nottt come together, so it got off to a bad start anyway! And then my actual pie filling was just so looked abit like baby sick. Appetising!

Anyway, I persevered, and after a very long time in the oven, here was the result! And I was semi-happy!

Until....I'd waited for it to cool and me and my mum were raring to try a piece, where we found that the only parts of the pastry that had actually cooked were the edges! The rest was entirely raw. Major disappointment :(

Major case of the Soggy Bottom! 

We tried to salvage some filling, but even that wasn't very nice! So it was just a disaster, and my very first complete balls-up. :(

Ah well, just gives me an exscuse to practise my pastry skills! :) If anyone wants the recipe to either of these, I'll happily write it out for you :)

I'm going shopping tomorrow with my sister, to hopefully start my Christmas shopping! And maybee pick up a few things for is payday soon after all! ;) So, I'll let you know what I buy! :)

Bye for now!



  1. Oh my gosh so hungry!! Cupcake look delicious.

    1. :D Thanks, it was so yummy! Definitely gonna be making it again :)