A Primark OOTD

27 Aug 2013

So this isn't exactly a current OOTD as this picture is from my holiday about a month ago! But I've been meaning to share this Primark dress with you forever! I feel like Primark have been on a serious winning streak at the moment with a load of really cute dresses in stock. This red flower number is a definite favourite, I don't think it looks 'primark' at all! So many friends have been shocked at how cheap it was.

You can still buy the dress on ASOS here (so loving that they're stocking some Primark items now!) although there is only a few sizes left - the dress has literally been selling out everywhere!

I didn't pair the dress with any major accessories as its quite a bold print on its own, and my shoes are just some cute grey pumps from H&M. You can't seem to buy the shoes in grey anymore, but they sell them in black, blue, white and coral red here.

Do go and check out Primark at the moment if your on the hunt for some new cute dresses - I want to try and drag out my summer gear as much as I can too. I refuse to accept that it'll soon 'technically' be autumn!

Have you found any amazing Primark bargains recently? :)



  1. That dress is so pretty but it's everywhere! Seen it on do many girls where I live, so not surprised its selling out fast! Looks lovely on x


  2. That dress is gorgeous - I've seen lots of people in it like the girl above haha, but my Primark doesn't have it! Pretty sure I'd have snapped it up too if it did :)

    Holly Mixtures