A MAC first!

17 Jul 2013

So as the title would suggest - I popped my MAC Lipstick cherry!! It was a momentous occasion and I'm SO happy to say I now finally have a MAC lipstick in my possession. Go me! Woo!

However....the day I decided to photograph the beautiful lipstick was an extremely sad day too. I hadn't used it at all yet because I wanted it to look pristine in the photos! All was going so well, as you can see from the photo above! Until.......dun dun duunn. I picked it up to swatch it on my hand and disaster struck!! It somehow fell out my hands hit my chest of drawers on the way down and landed on my carpet. :'(!! I now have a very small pink stain on my cream carpet and a wounded lipstick! It was covered in carpet fluff, and the lovely sharp angled point was no more and is instead a stubby end. It was an actual disaster moment and I had no one to share my pain with! :(

I couldn't focus very well on the lipstick - but my eyes are shining with swallowed back tears I tell you!!

Anyway, aside from the obvious trauma I experienced I actually wanted to tell you about how much I loveeee this lipstick! I have the MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Crosswires. My interest in the shade actually came about through watching EssieButton's video on her Top Five MAC Lipsticks. She was wearing Crosswires in the video and I maybe fell in love! So essentially its all her fault ;)

So being a Cremesheen formula its really nicely moisturising and it doesn't feel heavy on the lips at all. It does offer quite a bit of pigmentation though, although I'd definitely say its build-able if you wanted a sheerer look.

Its a really pretty pinky-coral shade and is great for spring/summer I think! It can definitely take you through from day to night as its not so out there that it can't be used in the day but it can definitely amp up an outfit for the evening.

As far as longevity goes, for me its worked really well. Even when the colours faded after a few hours, it doesn't cake around the edges of my lips at all. It just slowly fades and as the lipstick stains your lips from the pigmentation it looks really natural.

I'm basically a little bit in love with this colour at the moment :) Have you tried Crosswires? Or got any suggestions for a MAC lipstick to try next? :)



  1. that's such a lovely colour!:) xxx


  2. Oh my god I can totally relate to this and feel your pain! Luckily it didn't completely come apart and get stuck, for example, in the fibres of your carpet - say no more - and could be salvaged :D

    Gorgeous colour too by the way :D

    Holly Mixtures

    1. Omg I hadn't even thought of that!! It'd be awful! I count myself lucky now!! haha

      Thanks :) Xx